Filtered Water For Better Health

Water: Critical to Good Heath

The importance of getting plenty of water into our bodies throughout our lives is something few would question. While we might not question the need to drink enough water, we should raise questions about the water itself. The smart tack is to be vigilant of the quality of the water we're drinking each day, and to ensure it has undergone a high level of water filtration.

Extra information about water filtration

Numerous Health Benefits

When we give our bodies sufficient levels of clean, pure water, we're helping it maintain healthy joints, supple muscles, clear, glowing skin and hair, and efficient digestion. Water stands as an aid to our immune systems, can help ward off infections, especially of the urinary tract, and can help us maintain a healthy body weight.

First, how much water is enough?

What is the right amount of clean, safe water for optimum health benefits? The answer here is not so pat as you may think. We've all heard the "six to eight glasses each day" rule. The important thing is to pay attention to your body, your activity level, and your surroundings. A cool, sedentary day with tea and telly might require less water. A warm day toiling in the garden or a brisk walk in the wood will most surely result in a greater need for rehydration. A good rule of thumb is to simply let your loo tell you true. Have a glance at your urine and when it's a light yellow, you're probably getting in enough water. Darker shades mean you should drink up a bit.

The Water We Drink Must Be Clean

Just sipping up a good dose of water each day isn't enough---the water we drink must be clean, pure and free of the toxins often picked up in the journey from ground to glass. Proper water filtration is our first defense against the dangerous levels of arsenic, discarded prescription drugs, pesticides, and aluminum often found in common tap water. Water filtration devices attached to the kitchen tap may use ionic exchange filters, reverse osmosis systems, or granular carbon or carbon block filters. Many utilise a combination of one of more types. The more rigorous the water filtration brought to bear, the greater the overall safety and benefits of the water you're drinking each day.

Working with your body

Your body is comprised of nearly 60 percent water. Maintaining proper water intake answers the cry for staying hydrated, healthy and in tune with our natural origins.